About Us

The European WEEE Registers Network (EWRN) is open to all those who operate National Registers as required by the WEEE-Directive (Directive 2002/96/EC) in each EU Member State

EWRN is a group of experts who have an extensive knowledge and experience of the legal and practical consequences of the transposition of the WEEE-Directive in their Member State.

The Network provides a forum for the exchange of information with the objective of ensuring a common interpretation of the WEEE-Directive across Europe. Through discussions and working groups the Network is able to develop a common understanding of various practical issues and questions such as those concerning scoping (that is, what does and doesn’t fall within the definition of Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Achieving a common understanding on issues like this avoids problems for producers operating in more than one Member State while also helping to promote fair competition within the EU.

Every operator of a National Register can "join" EWRN on condition that it is not linked to, or influenced by, any recycling company. Formal membership through signing and accepting the rules set out in the Charter is no longer necessary.

Any views expressed by EWRN on this website or in presentations at various conferences represent the collective opinion of those National Registers who have signed the Charter. They cannot be taken to represent the views of the Government of any Member State nor those of any individual National Register.